22c:188 (CS:4350)
Logic in Computer Science
The University of Iowa, Spring 2015

Textbook (required)

[HR] Michael Huth and Mark Ryan, Logic in Computer Science. Cambridge University Press, 2004 (2nd edition).

Complementary Class Notes

[N1] Rewrite rules for CNF conversion and algorithm for definitional CNF.

Articles and Lectures

[Gen] M. Genesereth, Introduction Chapter. Computational Logic course notes, 2009.
[KV] P. Kolaitis and M. Vardi, Logic as The Calculus of Computer Science. NSF/CISE Workshop on The Unusual Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science, 2001.
[Var] M. Vardi, A brief history of Logic. Course notes, 2003.
[Vor] A. Voronkov, CNF and Clausal Form. Logic in Computer Science course notes, 2009.


[S1] Introduction
[S10] DPLL and CDCL for propositional satisfiability


22c:188 (CS:4350)
Logic in Computer Science
Spring 2015


Every Monday and Wednesday 3.30pm-4.45pm in 218 MLH


Dr. Christoph Sticksel

Office hours in 201G MLH

  • Monday 5pm-6.30pm,
  • Wednesday 2pm-3.30pm, and
  • by appointment

Teaching Assistant

Md Hasib Bin Shakur

Office hours in 101N MLH

  • Tuesday 5pm-6.30pm, and
  • Thursday 5pm-6.30pm.